The Philippine Center for Civic Education has been working with teachers, students, Barangay officials and other stakeholders throughout the Philippines for the past decade. You can donate through our Volunteer Program.


PCCED’s vision is to “make democracy work out of love of country”. As part of our vision, we gladly accept passionate volunteers from all age groups who want to contribute to fostering greater participation in governance and in civic education programs. We have different programs that one can choose to volunteer in, ranging from conducting participatory budgeting programs in Bohol and Sorsogon to seminars and training for teachers and students. Depending on the program, location and schedule, you can help in:

  1. Grassroots work in our different Project Areas in Sorsogon or Bohol; and
  2. Help develop young leaders in our civic education programs, such as in Project Citizen and Democracy Camp.

Specific roles of PCCED volunteers would include the development and testing of civic education modules, the monitoring and evaluation of civic education programs, the training monitoring of barangay officials, capacity building for people’s organizations at the Barangay level, and providing support for participatory budgeting programs in Bohol and Sorsogon.



How to volunteer?

Volunteers can either call us or email us at: 0917 824 3812 or 730 4957 or citizenship.ph@pcced.org

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