About Us


The Philippine Center for Civic Education and Democracy (PCCED) is a non-government organization dedicated to the strengthening civic education as a means to more meaningful citizen participation in democratic life.

We believe that our common vision as a people is to “make democracy work out of love of country”.

This vision guides us as we work with teachers, youth leaders, local authorities, civil society groups, and all civic educators. We aim to strengthen civics in schools, empower local authorities and civil society groups in order to engage in ‘shared governance, and create more effective platforms for citizen participation in local governance.

Since 2004, PCCED has developed a number of programs designed to provide the requisite knowledge, skills and disposition of good citizenship.


We envision a society whose citizens make democracy work out of love of country.


  1. We shall institute and implement innovative educational programs that bring people to love their history, environment, heritage, and cultures.
  2. We are committed to deepen understanding civic and democratic values through active research.
  3. We will work with local communities and institutions to lay the basis for greater public participation in governance.


  1. Human Dignity
  2. Common Good
  3. Civic Virtues
  4. Solidarity and Subsidiarity


Prior to its incorporation in October 1, 2007, PCCED’s first major initiative in education for democracy was in 2004, when its members received a grant from the US Department of State Small Grants Commission to create the Civic Education Training Seminars.

The second major initiative followed a year later in 2005 when Project Citizen was implemented by PCCED at the high school level.

In 2006, PCCED members joined a workshop in the United States to be trained in the Project Citizen pedagogy. The official licensing agreement with the Center for Civic Education, the initiator of Project Citizen, was signed, and in 2007, the first Project Citizen textbook was launched in the Philippines.

Other Programs